"He's a normal goat. We just have to help him," Jocelyn Nueske of Nueske Farms LLC said about the two-headed kid


One little goat in Wisconsin is making headlines for his unique appearance.

On April 5, Nueske Farms LLC., a family-run goat farm in Wittenberg, welcomed two new kids to their farm family when one of their pregnant goats went into labor.

However, one of the baby goats was not what they expected.

“Had our first two-headed baby boy today! He needed some help coming out after his brother that was perfectly normal,” the farm wrote on Facebook at the time. “The mom is doing good, we brought him home to give him some extra attention and care 😊 hope he lives!”

They named the two-headed goat Janus, after the ancient Roman god who also had two heads.

“And it was for like beginnings, and endings, and the past and the future,” Jocelyn Nueske of Nueske Farms LLC. told FOX 11.

two headed goat
Credit: WSAW/ Facebook

Nueske said that throughout her six years of working on the farm, she has never experienced anything like this before.

“I’ve heard of two-headed cows, and lizards, but not a goat,” she said. “There’s four eyes, and two mouths, but they weren’t sure if the middle eyes worked. But they were positive about the outside eyes working.”

Aside from some physical therapy sessions to help Janus learn how to walk and hold his two heads up, Nueske told the outlet that he’s a healthy baby goat.

“He’s a normal goat. We just have to help him. We try to help him as much as we can, and give him a break when he gets tired,” she said. “Hopefully he can walk in a month. That would be good. I think that would be our goal.”

After a visit to the vet on Monday, the farm updated its followers about Janus’ health on Facebook, writing that doctors didn’t find any limb abnormalities other than his two heads.

two headed goat
Credit: WSAW/ Facebook

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“His right mouth has a cleft palate, and his left mouth was difficult to see into, but may also have some degree of cleft palate. Future surgery to correct the cleft palate is an option,” they wrote.

“Janus’ x-rays revealed that he has 2-fully formed craniums/frontal bones of his skull that are fused at the lateral (sides) occipital/parietal and temporal bones of each skull,” the farm added. “So basically it is thought that he has 2 brains in the front that connect together in the back of his skull. Each head appears to have its own spinal cord/canal that fuses with the spine.”

Since his birth, the farm has been regularly sharing updates about Janus on their Facebook page, including adorable photos and videos of his milestone accomplishments and improvements.

“We understand and respect that people may have different opinions about our little Janus,” the farm wrote in response to some criticism about the two-headed goat. “We made the decision to care for this unique baby and are willing to share this rare and special experience with others and welcome positive comments.”