Disney World Has a New Baby Giraffe! Meet Aella

Aella is a bold and curious Masai calf named after an Amazon warrior

Disney World has a new character roaming the parks.

Aella (pronounced “eye-la”), a 2-month-old Masai giraffe calf, just made her big public debut at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Fans of all things Disney can catch a glimpse of the new member of the family on Kilimanjaro Safaris — just look for the smallest, sweetest giraffe on the savanna.

While Aella is currently the smallest of the herd, she isn’t a small-fry: The giraffe measured more than 5-ft. tall at birth and hasn’t stopped growing.

Courtesy Disney Parks

According to Disney Parks, the giraffe is named after an Amazon warrior and she is living up to the history — Aella the giraffe calf is said to be a bold, independent and curious kid.

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This is mom Lily and dad George’s first child. After being born on June 29, Aella spent the months leading up to her debut behind the scenes bonding with mom.

Courtesy Disney Parks

The calf will spend the next year nursing, eventually moving on to the lush vegetation that fills her habitat. Once Aella is fully grown she will eat 75 lbs. of food a day using her 18-in. tongue.

Masai giraffes are currently considered a vulnerable species, with only 32,000 left in the wild due to poaching and habitat loss.

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