January 30, 2018 03:27 PM

We’ve always known that dogs have a special ability to empathize with people, but this pup is especially in-tune with her little human friend.

In the sweet clip, posted on Monday to Youtube, Roxy the dog shares — and simultaneously expresses — her sibling Sam’s sadness when one of their parents leaves the house for the day.

“Sam was crying because his daddy left for work and didn’t take him with. Roxy sat by his side and cried until Sam stopped and smiled. She then gave him a little kiss on the nose and he was happy,” the duo’s mom, Tali Yard, of Riverton, Australia, told Storyful.

Turns out Roxy the dog is something like a Mary Poppins — or shall we call her Mary Puppins? — to her family.

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“Roxy always lays with the kids when they are napping and will always cry when they wake up so I can hear and know they are up. She’s such a good little doggy,” says Yard.

Forget nannies. Forget child psychologists. Forget every parenting book you’ve ever read. It just goes to show, when you raise the right kind of fur baby, your human baby’s emotional needs will never be ignored.


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