Good Samaritan Who Thought They Were Saving a Stray Puppy, Actually Picks Up Wild Coyote

Fearing for the young animal's safety, the Good Samaritan brought the would-be puppy to the town's police department

Another day, another mistaken animal identity: First, there was the “dog” that turned out to be a fox. Then, there was the other “dog” that turned out to be a bear.

Now, a “puppy” found by a concerned citizen in Bartlett, Illinois, is the latest case of an animal species identification gaffe.

According to a Daily Herald report, a Good Samaritan discovered the lost (and very cute!) canine along the side of a busy road last Thursday morning. Fearing for the young animal’s safety, the Bartlett resident brought the would-be puppy to the town’s police department.

However, upon closer investigation, the small and helpless creature was I.D.’d as a baby coyote, not a young dog. The authorities think the coyote pup must’ve somehow been separated from its litter.

“This cute puppy was brought to the PD after a concerned resident found it alone on the side of a busy road. Actually, the puppy turned out to be a coyote! He was quite the attraction at the PD before he was brought to our friends at Willowbrook Wildlife,” tweeted the Bartlett, Illinois, Police Department.

Bartlett Police Department; Getty

Willowbrook Wildlife Center is a rehabilitation facility in Glen Ellyn, DuPage County, that provides injured and orphaned wild animals with care and medical treatment. It has yet to share more info on this minor coyote, but did post photos of another wily patient recently. No word on whether the animals are relatives, but hopefully the pup has a same-species mentor to bunk with during its stay at the facility.

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Tangentially, we’d like to note that it’s wholly understandable to confuse a coyote pup for a dog puppy — they’re both canines and clearly resemble one another. We’re also happy to relay that this wild pup was not brought home and raised as a dog. For tips on what to do if you find a hurt or lost wild animal, check out some sage advice from the Humane Society now.

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