Reckless driving steered three calves to a new life

By Kelli Bender
December 13, 2018 05:30 PM
Courtesy Farm Sanctuary

Reckless driving steered three calves toward a new life.

According to Farm Sanctuary, an unsecured truck driving a group of calves to the slaughterhouse ended up accidentally dumping the animals onto the freeway in three different states: Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Several of the calves died from the impact of hitting the freeway at high speeds, others were picked up and put back into the factory farm system, but three calves managed to survive this horrible ordeal.

Courtesy Farm Sanctuary

This trio, all Holsteins, was pulled from the road by Pennsylvania’s ANNA Shelter and given refuge. Now, the two males and one female are on their way to a long, healthy life at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. The farm animal rescue organization picked up the three calves from ANNA Shelter and transported them to Cornell University’s Nemo Farm Animal Hospital. Here, experts are helping the baby animals heal from their time in the dairy industry. All of the calves are receiving bottle feedings and medical attention for their health issues.

Courtesy Farm Sanctuary

Dairy cows calves like these three often have a short, hard life. Since their mother’s milk is bottled and sold, dairy calves don’t get the nutrition they need or the affection they want via nursing. Instead of helping the hungry, distressed calves, the dairy industry often sends the baby animals to slaughter, according to Farm Sanctuary.

“While most people oppose the cruelty of veal production, few realize that this industry exists because of the dairy industry,”  Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary’s National Shelter Director, said. “We’re thrilled to instead welcome these babies home for the holidays and watch their beautiful new lives unfold. These babies will serve as ambassadors for the millions of calves just like them who will pass through the industry unnoticed this year.”

Courtesy Farm Sanctuary

Once the calves are stable, they will leave the hospital and come to their permanent home at Farm Sanctuary. Here, the animals will be allowed to grow up, interact with other animals and enjoy a long life of dedicated care and comfort.

To learn more about these calves and Farm Sanctuary’s other rescue efforts, visit the organization’s website.