WATCH: Baby Cow Thanks His Mom for a Rare and Joyful Mother's Day Together at Farm Sanctuary

Meet Charlie, a sweet calf born at Farm Sanctuary, a farm animal protection organization and shelter located in Watkins Glen, New York.

If it wasn’t for Farm Sanctuary and the people who rescued his mother Nancy, a severe neglect case, this beautiful and sweet duo would not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day together on Sunday. Sadly, most factory-farmed cows are systematically separated from their babies, which is extremely distressful for these naturally bucolic animals. For this reason, Mother’s Day is an important holiday at the farm shelter, because only here can mother and child pairs stay together forever.

In the video above, Charlie explains how much easier and happier his life has been compared to his mom’s history. Both she and her sister Jackie, Charlie’s aunt, were severely neglected, as was their pal Stanton. Luckily, today they are in much better shape and cared for by more nurturing human farm hands.

This Mother’s Day, we’re thankful that young Charlie gets to spend time in the sun, peacefully grazing with his mom by his side. We’re also grateful that Farm Sanctuary gives Nancy the chance to continue to develop her strong maternal bond with her son.

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The sanctuary provides lifelong care for animals at its locations in both New York and California, but it needs help. If you’re still searching for a meaningful, last-minute gift idea, look no further: As part of its “Thanks, Mom” campaign, people are invited to symbolically adopt a sweet mother and child pair for a one-time donation of $30.

For more information, click here to learn about giving the gift of love and a celebration of life, to your own mom.

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