May 05, 2016 07:42 PM

A baby beaver took a wrong turn at the dam and ended up at a Washington D.C. Metro station.

Local humane officers received a call about a little beaver stuck in a fountain outside the Van Ness Metro station, reports WTOP. By the time officials arrived the tiny animal had drawn a large and concerned crowd.

Humane officers immediately checked the juvenile woodchucker and found that the beaver was in good health and mature enough to be on its own. But that doesn’t mean early adulthood isn’t confusing. Authorities helped out the furry commuter by transporting him to a wilder and safer part of out nation’s capital and releasing him there. 

Animal welfare officer Scott Giacoppo hopes the beaver’s taste of urban life reminds citizens that nature is all around us, even if you live in a city, and you should respect its space.

While video of the incident shows someone touching the beaver, Giacoppo recommends that if you find a wild animal, don’t touch it — instead call animal control or a wildlife rescue for assistance.

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