Aww! Newborn Red River Hog Nuzzles Its Mother

Tonka the 17-day-old piglet and mother Dagamba enjoy their first days together at a Berlin zoo

Someone’s snout must smell pretty good!

Tonka, a 19-day-old red river hog (17 days old when photographed), got to know its mother, Dagamba, while they explored their enclosure together at a zoo in Berlin on Sept. 18.

Judging by the pictures, though, Tonka was less interested in the environment and more concerned with nuzzling Mom. Dagamba is no stranger to mothering; she reared another piglet named Thomu last year.

The red river hog, a wild pig native to Africa, like wet environments and are good swimmers. When full-grown, red river hogs can weigh up to 250 lbs.


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