July 15, 2015 05:05 PM


Jack loves Tuna. Tuna loves Jack. So, these two were a package deal at the Humane Society of North Texas, where both were waiting to find a forever home.

The only hitch? Jack is beagle mix and Tuna is a 6-month-old potbellied pig.

Well, it looks like there’s a perfect pet (or two) for everyone. These unlikely buddies, who formed a unique bond when they recently arrived at the shelter, according to NBC 5 News, found a forever home together this week.

At the shelter, the two did everything together, so separating them just wasn’t an option.

“She’s just so loving and she grooms Jack,” Whitney Hanson, director of development and communications for HSNT, told NBC 5 of Tuna. “She loves to give him baths and clean his back. And they sleep together. And she gets very upset when he’s not around, which is why it is so important we find them a home together.”

On Tuesday, a local couple decided it was meant to be, and it seems the pets are looking forward to their new adventure.

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“Jack was a bit confused by the hustle and bustle, but he is very fond of his new parents and was very excited to go home with them,” said a post on the Humane Society’s Facebook page.

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