March 18, 2015 10:30 AM

While Kanye West was busy making “Swish on Twitter, this dog went and stole all of his fans.

And if you’re not careful, Kanye, you may never get them back.

This Saluki mix named Maggie once had a really ruff life, according to a YouTube video caption written by his owner Dale Roossien. “Now she enjoys a loud life of singing and playing,” Roossien shares.

Maggie’s “songs” are auto-tuned here – using a device that corrects off-key vocal performances – and the result is a sound reminiscent of Yeezy himself. The moral of the story, folks? You don’t have to be a doggone genius with a doctorate degree to be a megastar; all you need is a dog and a dream. And auto-tune.

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