June 25, 2015 06:20 PM

Despite his horns, size and unmistakably goat-shaped body, one Australian goat is pretty certain he’s a kangaroo.

Naomi Will, a woman who lives in Seaford Meadows, South Australia, has been spotting for years a friendly, wild goat in the area in which she sells properties.

The goat is best mates with “wild ‘roos,” as Will calls them in an adorable Facebook post, and she’s been trying to capture their precious friendship for years. On Tuesday, she finally got her shot: a tender moment between the somewhat confused goat and his ‘roo pals.

“As the years have gone on his horns have grown larger and my eyes have been tested to make sure I wasn’t seeing things I finally got my photo!” she captioned the shot. “If only mankind could learn from these two old mates ”

In the comments below, Will admits she thought the goat was a donkey the first time she saw him, due to his unusually large size. As it turns out, the goat was a kangaroo all along.

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