Australian Rescue Volunteers 'Mooed to Respond' to Call About a Cow Stuck in a Swimming Pool

A group of volunteer rescuers saved the "good-natured" cow from a swimming pool in New South Wales, Australia, after the animal ran into the water accidentally.

cow rescued from pool
Photo: NSW SES/Facebook

An Australian cow survived her first swimming lesson thanks to a team of volunteer rescuers.

According to a Facebook post from the New South Wales State Emergency Service (NSW SES) — a volunteer-based organization that helps communities prepare and respond to severe weather events — NSW SES's Gilgandra Unit received a call on Saturday about a cow stuck in a family's swimming pool.

"On Saturday afternoon, the NSW SES Gilgandra Unit were 'Mooed to respond' to an unusual, large animal rescue call — a cow in a swimming pool. On arrival, they found one very friendly, healthy cow standing neck-deep in water," NSW SES shared on Facebook, along with photos from the rescue.

Luckily, NSW SES was prepared for this peculiar predicament since the Gilgandra Unit has two accredited large animal specialists on call to help with situations like this.

"After a period of time and some significant coaxing, she was freed from her watery escape. A great outcome for all," NSW SES added in their post.

cow rescued from pool
NSW SES/Facebook

The rescue volunteers who assisted the cow believe the animal ended up in the pool after getting spooked and running blindly through a fence and into the water, 9 News reported.

"We were very happy with how the rescue went, and we're lucky we didn't have to use a crane," Geoff Kiehne, the SES Commander for the Gilgandra Unit, told the outlet, adding that the cow was "good-natured" and "cooperative" throughout the rescue.

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