Australian Cat Survives 12-Minute, Hot Water Washing Machine Cycle Without Serious Injury

Oscar the Burmese cat emerged from the washer "very soft" and with several bumps and bruises

cat in the washing machine
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Oscar the Burmese cat found himself in hot water, but luckily escaped.

According to Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News, the 2-year-old cat from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia recently crawled into owner Amanda Meredith's empty washing machine for a nap that turned into a wild ride.

Unfortunately, Meredith's husband, Angelo, didn't notice the curled up kitty when he loaded the washer with a set of bedsheets and started the machine.

Meredith soon realized that Oscar was locked in the machine's hot water washing cycle when she heard meowing coming from the washer shortly after the cycle started.

"The poor little cat had his hands on the glass as he was doing the rotations and he was looking at me," she told ABC News of the discovery. "It was tragic."

Even though Meredith sprang into action right away, she had to wait two minutes for the washer to drain and unlock its loading door.

Once Oscar was free, his owners rushed him to Beachside Veterinary Surgery in Coolum Beach. Vets found that Oscar emerged from the ordeal "very soft" and with several bumps and bruises, but no serious injuries. The feline, short one of his nine lives, stayed at the veterinary practice under a 24-hour observation during which he was given anti-inflammatory medication.

After the 24 hours were up, Oscar returned home, where Meredith says he slept for the next seven days. Oscar is now back on all four paws and watching the wash cycle from outside the machine.

Beachside Veterinary Surgery told ABC News that this is not the first time they have treated a cat that got caught in a washer, and that Oscar was "very lucky" to come out of the incident without permanent injury.

The practice urges all pet owners to check their washers and dryers for furry friends before putting a load in, especially during colder weather when animals might be looking for a cozy place to curl up.

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