'Territorial' Raven's Attack on Delivery Drone Caught on Camera in Australia

In the video, the raven grabs and pecks at the drone, but the device still makes its delivery in Harrison, a neighborhood of Canberra, Australia.

A raven in Canberra, Australia, has no interest in sharing the sky with robots.

According to ABC News Australia, one of the birds recently attacked a drone operated by Wing — a drone delivery service operator — on its way to deliver coffee to Ben Roberts of Harrison.

Roberts stepped outside to get his approaching coffee order and caught the raven's attack on the delivery drone on camera. In the clip, the bird grabs onto the end of the drone with its feet and starts pecking at the device, causing the drone to rock as it drops off Roberts' order.

Following the incident, Wing paused drone deliveries to the neighborhood of Harrison so that experts could investigate the behavior of local ravens, reports ABC News Australia.

"We've identified some birds in your area demonstrating territorial behaviors and swooping at moving objects," Wing wrote in feedback — obtained by ABC News Australia — to a Harrison customer about the stoppage. "While this is common during nesting season, we are committed to being strong stewards of the environment and would like to have ornithological experts investigate this further to ensure we continue to have minimal impact on birdlife in our service locations."

raven attacks drone

Roberts, who had used Wing's services numerous times before documenting the raven's attack on his delivery order, told ABC News Australia he supports Wing pausing drone deliveries in his area while bird experts check in on local ravens.

"We don't want them getting injured, they're an important part of our environment here," he said to the outlet.

The local added that he could understand why ravens might be alarmed by a drone swooping into their area.

"From their point of view, they're very intelligent birds, what must a drone look like to them? It would be like a flying saucer landing in our front yard to us," Roberts said.

A Wing spokesperson told ABC News Australia that, to their knowledge, no birds had been injured interacting with their drones, and it is extremely rare for their drones to make contact with birds.

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