The animals wander around Kath Shelton’s farmhouse and watch TV whenever they please

By People Staff
Updated January 05, 2010 05:00 PM

Litter box odor? Common. Accidents on the carpet? It happens. But just imagine cleaning up after a dozen lambs relieving themselves inside your house.

Lamb litter is Kath Shelton’s unique challenge – the Australian farmer has raised a total of 27 lambs in her home, and has had as many as 19 lambs at once.

Shelton brought in the first baby after finding it abandoned on her property over the winter. She put down a towel on the off-chance that the lamb would use it when nature called, and to her surprise, it (and all the subsequent adoptees) did!

Despite the number of animals wandering around inside, Shelton told Australia’s Herald Sun that the lamb poop situation isn’t so bad. “It means there is a lot of washing but the house is clean and I don’t even notice the smell.”

As the season changed, Shelton’s house pets have started to move outdoors, but they’re still free to come back inside and hang out with her in front of the TV whenever they please. “They will become pets and live around the house until old age because there is no way they are going anywhere,” she said.