Both cubs received a clean bill of health

By Kelli Bender
March 02, 2020 04:59 PM

Here’s more concrete proof that lions are brave from an early age.

The Audubon Zoo’s lion cubs, two males that have yet to be named, were born on January 11 to mom Kali and dad Arnold, both 4, according to the New Orleans zoo. The pair recently had their first check-up and managed to stay picture-perfect through the entire procedure.

This initial exam comes a few weeks after the cubs’ birth so the duo had time to bond with mom without interruption. For the check-up, the “healthy and active” little lions had their teeth, ears, and eyes examined; both of the cubs also received their first round of vaccinations.

“The cubs looked great. Their body condition is outstanding. They are both growing at a rate that we would expect,” the zoo’s curator of large mammals, Joe Forys, said on the zoo’s Facebook.

Credit: Audubon Zoo
Credit: Audubon Zoo

“We’re really happy,” he added.

The cubs’ clean bills of health are thanks, in large part, to Kali’s excellent mothering skills. Forys said that Kali is providing her babies with everything they need and more.

Credit: Audubon Zoo

In a release about the lions’ exam, the zoo shared that they still don’t have a set date for when the cubs will go on public exhibit, but the zoo is excited for everyone to meet these new arrivals when the time is right.