Petsies is answering the tough questions like, just how intelligent you look with a dog

By Kelli Bender
April 27, 2017 04:39 PM
Hans Neleman/Getty

It’s hard to resist a puppy.

Turns out some of that fluffy charm rubs off on whomever is holding one — further proof pups are magical.

To test just how far this sweet sorcery goes, Petsies, a custom stuffed animal company, conducted a study with 1,000 people. All of the participants were shown pictures of men and women not holding cats or dogs and then photos of the same people holding cats and dogs of various ages. The individuals were then asked to rank how their perceptions of the people in the photos changed when they saw them with an animals vs. without.

The results? You look even better with an adorable creature in your arms.

Men shown holding puppies were ranked at 24% sexier than a guy with no dog at all.

Courtesy Petsies

Puppies also boosted the trustworthiness of a male’s appearance by 14%.

Courtesy Petsies

These baby dogs are the gift that keeps on giving! Men holding puppies were also perceived to be 7% more intelligent than those without.

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Courtesy Petsies

Finally, the last boost a puppy can offer: Based on this survey, dudes also look 13% more attractive with a pup snuggled up beside them.

Courtesy Petsies