For reasons hard to explain, infomercials for pet-related products are very enticing

May 05, 2010 11:45 AM

Funky synth sounds. Black-and-white reenactments. Bonus offers. Would you blame us for occasionally being tempted during a late-night TV binge, blacking out and buying a few Snuggies for Dogs? Yes, they’re totally weird, and thanks to their infomercial, totally irresistible. Check out our roundup of our five favorite pet-related infomercials.

Snuggie for Dogs (see above): You can dress like a monk anytime you want, now it’s your dog’s turn.

PetVac Groomer’s Touch: Vacuum your pet’s body before their fur ends up in the corners of your home. Um, sure, my cat would totally go for that. Not.

Emery Cat Scratching Board: A kitty nail salon in your home for just 19.95? Yes, please! Send us one now!

BarkOff Sensor: Stop your dog’s barking with the flip of a switch? See it and believe it!

Doggy Steps: It’s the stairway to pet heaven, also called your bed.

Think we’re missing a classic? Tell us in the comments below!

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