July 19, 2016 08:36 PM
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Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix, Arizona, recently received a shocking arrival.

A good Samaritan dropped off a 7-week-old pit bull puppy at the shelter, who was found with his ears chopped off, reports KPNX.

Based on the injuries, the shelter’s staff thinks the pup’s previous owner attempted to crop the dog’s ears with a pair of scissors and abandoned the dog after this failed.

The little dog, who has been given the name Pistol, isn’t letting his disfigurement stand in the way of a full life. He has already healed from his injuries, and is in good health overall.

The puppy is currently living with a foster family, while he finishes up his doctor appointments.

After getting a vet’s approval, he will be put up for adoption.

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