Arizona Dog Survives More Than 400 Stings in Bee Attack

Tramp was rescued from the Arizona Humane Society just last month


An Arizona dog is very lucky to be alive after being stung by hundreds of bees outside his Phoenix home on Saturday.

According to KPHO News, who reported the story, the veterinarian treating the rescue dog said it’s miraculous the 18-week-old pup survived the attack at all.

“With as many stings as he had, he had more than enough to kill 50 percent of dogs his size,” said Dr. Cynthia Jones, who added that she’d never seen a case as bad as this.

The attack happened on Saturday morning, when Tramp’s owner Jeremy DeNoyer let the pooch and his older dog, Lady, outside.

“My smallest dog, Tramp, was yelping,” DeNoyer said. “I figured he just wanted to come inside. And when I saw him, I opened up the curtains and [saw] he was just swarmed by hundreds of bees.”

DeNoyer told KPHO he tried to help but was attacked also and had to barricade himself in a laundry room for safety.

“I was just trying to help my baby and I couldn’t even get to him,” he told the station.

The hive was situated inside a vacant house next door and firefighters were able to foam down both homes. DeNoyer walked away with more than 20 stings, Lady the dog had 50, and poor Tramp had more than 400 — on his belly, around his eyes, in his mouth and ears.

Tramp was given emergency shots of antihistamine and steroids and received fluids, according to a GoFundMe page, which is collecting funds for the dog, who was rescued just a month ago from the Arizona Humane Society. The fundraising page said that the pup’s kidneys have gone into shock and the current estimate for medial costs is hovering around $2,000 (so far over $3,000 has been raised).

“Tramp is cleared to come home today!” said an update posted on the page on Thursday. “Though his hospital stint is over (hopefully), there’s a long road to recovery at home, with tons of medications and follow-up doctor visits. But thanks to your help, Tramp has made it through the worst of it. Thank you so much for your good thoughts, prayers, and support!”

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