April 06, 2018 11:21 AM

In this corner we have a eastern diamondback rattlesnake, according to UPI, basking in heat of a baking sidewalk in Scottsdale, Arizona. And in this corner we have a curious bobcat, who isn’t afraid to risk a snake bite for a chance to paw an angry snake.

The footage of this rumble in the desert was caught on camera by Laura Lucky, reports ABC15.

According to KSAZ, Lucky is a real estate agent, who was in the middle of showing homes to a California couple in the Scottsdale area when she spotted the face-off. Lucky and her clients arrived in the middle of the brawl. They watched in shock as the snake bite at the bobcat’s lip. It was after this snap that Lucky started filming.

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The footage shows the persistent feline continually pawing at the reptile, even as the rattlesnake makes moves to bite the bobcat again. After a nerve-wracking bout of sparring, which seems to stretch on forever, the bobcat grabs the snake’s head with its mouth and trots off.

Ladies and gentlemen, we appear to have a winner.

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