The singer is paying adoption fees for 15 pups available for adoption in New York

By Amy Jamieson
Updated March 20, 2015 09:10 PM

Ariana Grande is spreading her puppy love to her fans.

In a post on Twitter on Friday, the singer wrote that she’s working with BarkBox, the doggy goodie subscription service, to help 15 puppies from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue find loving homes.

“This weekend at both of my MSG shows, there will be a link up on screen that you can use accompanied by pics of the pups before / in between Cashmere’s set, Rixton’s set and mine,” she writes. “So if any of these babes happen to steal your heart and you are interested in providing a home for any of them, the link will be right there up on screen and all adoption fees will have already been taken care of by me.”

The link, says her post, will connect you with the BarkBox team, who will provide more information on how to adopt a specific dog.

Grande, a dog-lover herself with at least two dogs of her own, is committed to making puppy connections at these concerts.

“Thank you for having a heart and helping these precious babes find homes,” she adds.

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