April the Giraffe's Live Stream Is Shutting Down Soon, Here Are 7 More Adorable Animal Cams to Watch at Work

Find a new animal to follow before Animal Adventure Park shuts April the Giraffe's stream down


April’s time with us is coming to a close. As planned, Animal Adventure Park will be shutting down the record-breaking live stream soon, in order to focus on the reopening of the zoo for the Summer season.

Like any goodbye, this one isn’t going to be easy. We have watched on for months as April prepared for the arrival of her baby boy. Where are we supposed to go now, when we need simple, adorable entertainment?

Thankfully, April isn’t the only animal who is friends with someone who can set up a camera. There are oodles of animal live streams running all the time. To help with this transition we have picked seven especially precious live views, so you don’t have to quit your animal voyeurism cold turkey.

Panda Twins

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Zoo Atlanta’s panda twins, Ya Lun And Xi Lun, are growing fast and making big moves. The pair are now enjoying play time outside and are becoming more curious by the minute. Now is a perfect time to tune-in to the cubs’ 24/7 panda cam.

The Kattarshians

Some kind folks in Iceland have set up Keeping Up With the Kattarshians, a series of live streams showcasing a rotating family of cats living in a feline’s dream house. It’s reality TV everyone can get behind.

Live Safari

Don’t limit your live stream enjoyment to just one animal. Each day this stream broadcasts two live safaris, one at sunrise and the other at sunset, from inside Kruger National Park in Africa. Take a vacation without changing out of your pajamas.

Barred Owl

Like April, this animal is a new mom. The barred owl star of this stream recently hatched three birds in a nesting box in Indiana. The family will stay together for 4-5 weeks, so the owlets can get big and strong before heading out into the world.


Take a moment to meditate at your desk by watching the jellyfish of the Monterey Bay Aquarium slowly drift by.

Great Dane Puppies

The Service Dog Project wants to show the world where their working pups start. This live cam gives you a peek at future service dogs when they are just newborn puppies and a chance to see how their training starts.


The rescue sheep of Farm Sanctuary just got fresh spring haircuts and want to show them off, oblige them please.

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