May 19, 2015 04:25 AM

Anthony Kiedis wears bear ears. Moby strums a mournful bear song. Duff McKagan wonders if his bear mask would be a hot new look. And Steve-O just wants to jam with Justin Bieber.

It’s all very silly, but for a good cause: Animals Asia’s fight to end the mistreatment of “bile bears” – moon bears, sun bears and brown bears kept in cages so that their bile can be extracted for use in various Eastern traditional medicines.

According to Animals Asia, “They are kept on farms in countries including China and Vietnam where bile is constantly extracted from their gall bladders using methods that are both excruciatingly painful and traumatic.”

The campaign to free the bears is called “Let a Bear S— in the Woods,” which gets right to the heart of the matter: a silly name with a serious message behind it.

Miranda Lambert’s Other Calling: Rescuing Animals

Those interested in helping the bears can sign a pledge on the official website and get more information about bile bears.

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