Anne Hathaway's New Puppy Is a 'Little Gentleman,' Says Rescue

The actress and her husband carefully selected the terrier mix as a sibling for their chocolate Lab, Esmeralda

Adopting a pet is a big decision – one Anne Hathaway and her husband, Adam Shulman, didn’t take lightly.

“They were looking for a companion for [their chocolate Lab] Esmeralda,” says Teri Austin, president of The Amanda Foundation, the Beverly Hills rescue where the couple adopted a terrier mix last week. “Adam came in first. Then when Anne was in town the following week, they spent a long time with one litter. We always like people to sleep on it. They wanted to do that, too.”

A good night’s sleep gave the pair the confirmation they needed: Edward the spaniel/terrier mix was meant to be theirs.

Last Sunday, they officially adopted the puppy, who is approximately 14 weeks old and one of seven pups born in an “accidental litter” (conceived when an L.A. resident took in a stray and it mated with her dog).

Much like the Oscar-winning actress, 31, Edward the dog knows how to win over an audience. “He makes very good eye contact with you,” Austin tells PEOPLEPets. “I think he’s going to train very nicely, he’s an intelligent little dog.”

Clearly, the pint-size pooch – who could grow to about 14 lbs., Austin says – knows how to lay on the charm, too. “He was such a little gentleman,” she adds. “He’s a calm, sweet puppy. Which is why he’s going to be a good companion for Esmeralda.”

Though Esmeralda didn’t meet her new sibling before the adoption, Austin says Hathaway and Shulman sought the advice of Michael Chill, an animal behaviorist that has worked with their Lab before.

“She’s a very laid-back dog,” says Austin, a former actress. “When she’s been here [at our veterinary practice] we’ve had her around other puppies in the waiting room and she’s always good and very social.”

Hathaway, who hadn’t decided on the dog’s name when she adopted him, has a gift for understanding the canine kind, says Austin, so she wasn’t worried about the star’s two pups getting along. “Some people have an intuition for dogs, and she’s one of them,” says Austin. “She’s a dog person.”

Two of the pups in Edward’s litter, Evan and Elizabeth (below), are still available for adoption at The Amanda Foundation. To learn more about them, or any of the rescue’s adoptable animals, click here.


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