Anna Faris Finds Puppy Love

It's a boy pup for the House Bunny actress.

There is nary a test greater for a couple who hope to have kids one day than raising a puppy together – or at least that’s what Observe and Report star Anna Faris and fiancé Chris Pratt are hoping to find out.

“I just got my first dog!” Faris, 32, blurted to PEOPLE Monday on the red carpet for her new movie. “I’ve never done this before so I’m completely new at it and I’m really excited!”

Pratt, 29, recently bought the dog named “Bonzo,” which Faris said will serve as “a little bit of a test run” for having kids.

“There is something about the extension of love,” Faris said. “I think that you’re attempting to sort of raise something together and put your time and effort into treating this little critter well and making sure you love it. So there’s something pretty wonderful. It’s really, really nice.”

Faris, who stays fit by taking long hikes with friends, is psyched to have one more pal tagging along.

“I’m really excited to be able to take Bonzo outside when he’s a little older,” she said.

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