Kendall, you better watch the throne

By Maria Yagoda
November 03, 2016 10:28 AM


On Thursday, Kendall Jenner turns 21, and the only way we can imagine celebrating the supermodel’s birthday is by watching as many videos of goofy animals as possible. (To be fair, this is how we celebrate all occasions.)

Kendall, you better watch the throne. These seven sexy beasts have walks so distinctive, so high-fashion that they would win America’s Next Top Model were the show to allow non-human contestants.

1. This cat who trots like a dressage horse and brings new meaning to the phrase “cat walk.”

2. This dog who is 100% convinced he is a human fashion model.

3. This cat who already has a signature stride.

4. This hip-hop dressage horse.

5. This mini French bulldog who is well aware she’s fashion’s latest It Girl.

6. This English bulldog who has already developed an iconic runway waddle.

7. This duckling, whose fast-paced walk has an irresistible je ne sais quack quality to it.

Happy birthday, Kendall. Clearly this compilation of footage was the greatest gift we could possibly give you/ourselves.