Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter
November 18, 2016 08:02 AM

An Ohio shelter pup who discovered a cat stuck in a sewer while on a walk with a volunteer is being hailed a hero — and hoping for a home for the holidays.

The pooch, a 6-year-old Chinese shar-pei mix named Leopard, currently resides at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter and alerted the person walking her after hearing the cat’s cries.

“While Leopard was out on her walk this afternoon, she alerted the volunteer to the sound of crying in the sewer,” said a Facebook post shared by the shelter on Monday. “Volunteers and deputies were able to retrieve the cat and all is well. The cat has now gone home to stay with one of our volunteers and Leopard (kennel 2) is a hero!!”

The dog’s heroics will hopefully translate into a forever home before Turkey Day — though sadly, health issues have made adoption a challenge so far. Shortly after she arrived at the shelter in May, Leopard had a cancerous tumor removed. The tumor has a low chance of metastasis but needs to monitored for the remainder of her life in the event of regrowth, the shelter said.

Despite all that, this hero deserves a home. “Leopards’s heroic act of saving another furry friend just reaffirms what a wonderful addition she would be to any family,” animal shelter administrator Mindy Naticchioni told PEOPLE. “We know she would forever grateful to have a home to call her own, especially for the Thanksgiving … the table scraps alone would be worth it!”

If you’re interested in adopting Leopard, contact the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter at -216-525-7877. To read more about the organization’s adoption process, click here.

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