"A talented lady" crafted the kitten-carrying vests for the Animal Rescue League of Boston

By Amy Jamieson
May 16, 2017 03:38 PM
Credit: Animal Rescue League of Boston

Feral kittens at one Boston animal shelter are getting the TLC they need this kitten season, thanks to the purr-fect invention.

A Facebook post shared on the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s page on Friday had crafty people everywhere planning their next sewing project: the Kitten Bjorn.

The photo was of a shelter worker wearing the bright orange vest with kittens inside a mesh-like, belly-hugging pouch and the caption said:

“Baby Bjorn? More like Kitten Bjorn!” The ARL staff ‘wears’ feral kittens to help socialize them before 10 weeks of age so they can be adopted. We only have a few of these amazing inventions, so please tag a friend if you think they could make one or two (or 10) to donate! #kittenwearing#ARLstaff

A comment by the shelter on the photo revealed that “a talented lady crafted these for us without a pattern. Each one is slightly different; some are aprons, some are slip-on vests,” but, clearly, each of them are an amazingly cute way to help fluffy kittens acclimate to humans and to each other (two kittens appeared to be inside the pouch in the photo).

If the pic — which received over 600 reactions, and nearly 200 shares — has prompted your own creative juices to flow and you want to donate to the cause, it’s important to keep in mind that “they just need to have a large mesh ‘pouch’ in the front to be able to insert the kittens,” a Facebook comment from the shelter said.

A slew of sewers offered to put needle to thread to help out the shelter’s kitties, including Gather Here Stitch Lounge, an arts and crafts store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“We could totally make a pattern from one of the originals and would love to host a sew-in to craft 10!” said a comment posted by the Lounge. “We love kittens and stitching for a good cause! Let us know if we can help!”