The dog days are far from over in California this summer


School may be out of session, but doggie surf camp is about to get started!

On Tuesday, Helen Woodward Animal Center — an animal rescue based out of Rancho Santa Fe, California — announced the start of their very own Dog Surf Lessons. These lessons will give pet canines the chance to show off their surf skills (or learn them) in the Pacific Ocean alongside expert human surfers from SoCal Surf Dogs.

The lessons kick off on Sunday, July 14, and give water-loving pups the preparations they need to compete in the center’s annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon competition on September 8.

According to the center’s statement, SoCal Surf Dogs will be providing training with four days of scheduled lessons throughout the next two months. Gigi Hokstad and her assistant, Joanne Esposito, will lead the lessons, where each surfing pup will be paired with a human instructor to learn how to ride the beautiful California waves.

Dog Surf Camp
| Credit: Helen Woodward Animal Center
Dog Surf Camp
Dog Surf Camp. Helen Woodward Animal Center. Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon. July 9
| Credit: Helen Woodward Annual Center

“Surfing is at the core of San Diego culture and what better way to enjoy this fun activity than with your four-legged best friend,” Jessica Gercke, Helen Woodward’s PR and communications director, said. “Beach-loving dogs who can’t wait to get in the water may find surfing the perfect bonding experience with their Paw-rents. While some sur-FURS thrive in the water, other are perfectly content playing on the sand, and that’s great too. What’s most important is having fun and being safe!”

Proceeds from the Surf Dog Lessons will go towards supporting the orphan pet programs at Helen Woodward Animal Center. According to the center’s website, the non-profit organization was established in 1972, and offers a number of programs to help homeless pets.

Dog Surf Camp
| Credit: Helen Woodward Animal Center
Dog Surf Camp
Credit: Helen Woodward Animal Center

Surf Dog Lessons are being offered between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. on July 14, July 28, August 11, and August 25. Classes cost $45, with a 25% discount offered on any additional lessons.

Dogs who take the lessons will be able to show off their smooth surfing skills during the 14th Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon on Sept. 8 at Del Mar Dog Beach in California.