A new documentary tells the story of a Vietnam veteran who bounced back with the help of his menagerie of rescued animals

You’ve seen the bumper stickers, “Who rescued who?” – and sometimes it’s really hard to decide.

In Bob Miner’s view, the rescuing credit goes to his army of pets – lions, tigers, hyenas, kangaroos, black bears and the more than 200 other species of animals who reside at his animal sanctuary in Mount Vernon, Maine.

When Miner came home after he was injured in the Vietnam War, he suffered a series of strokes and was confined to a wheelchair. As a form of therapy, he began taking care of abused and abandoned animals and gradually built his own world with them. With their help – and the help of his wife Julie – Miner learned to walk again and eventually, with his own two hands, built the DEW Animal Kingdom & Sanctuary on 42 acres of land.

The veteran’s story is the subject of the new documentary Wild Home which premieres Sept. 28 at the Camden International Film Festival.

Watch the trailer above and decide for yourself who rescued who.

To read more about the film – the first feature-length documentary by Emmy Award-winning director Jack Schurman – click here.

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