September 14, 2015 08:59 PM

California’s massive wildfires have already claimed one human life and hundreds of homes. The state is dedicating its resources to corralling the fires and saving lives, though a few California citizens are making sure some less-visible residents are coming through the flames okay.

Veterinarian Steve Franklin from the Calistoga Pet Clinic has been taking care of animal refugees showing up at the Calistoga fairgrounds — a popular site for refugees from the fires like cats, horses, calves, and in one case, a litter of two-week-old puppies. 

“Some of the animals have been undergoing a lot of stress,” Franklin told CBS Sacramento. “Fortunately, [there are] a lot of great people around here, a lot of resources.”

Donations have been pouring in from residents — so much so that organizers say they’re having trouble dealing with the sheer volume. “There is everything from water to rakes, to horse treats [and] dog food,” said Joy Fleming, who evacuated her family, along with her three horses, from Middletown.

So far, evacuees and refugees have no timetable for when they’ll be allowed to return home and check on their property. 

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