April 10, 2018 04:37 PM

Back in August, PEOPLE reported on a two-legged dog named Duncan Lou Who, a boxer who survived a dramatic car accident with his family while on vacation. Turns out Duncan isn’t the only incredible one in the bunch. His adoptive mom, Amanda Giese, is a force to be reckoned with herself.

This summer, Animal Planet is launching a TV series called Amanda to the Rescue all about the passionate, larger-than-life personality of a superwoman who cares for special needs animals and helps them find the loving homes and second chance at happiness they deserve. Giese treats a slew of seemingly hopeless animals from her home in Washington, with her main focus being dogs that other people have given up on. Giese is joined by her two children, Jade and Beast, as well as her partner Gary. The show focuses on her foundation, Panda Paws Rescue, and its mission to end animal homelessness, abuse and neglect.

Animal Planet

With her shaved head and “raucous sense of humor,” Giese is a uniquely cool and kind character. She lauds “quality over quantity” when it comes to saving animals, focusing on the especially needy few who require intense medical care and dedicated treatment. Over the course of the season, Giese travels to California shelters overrun with injured and displaced animals from the recent wildfires, as well as to Puerto Rico to help a dog rescue operation post Hurricane Maria.

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Giese’s motto that “just because an animal isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that they are not the perfect pet” remains at the forefront throughout her journeys, and all the while this superhero and her family serve diverse communities as a compassionate human voice for animals in need.

Amanda to the Rescue premieres Summer 2018 on Animal Planet.

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