The bear is kept in a small enclosure where he must endure visitors tapping on the glass and taking selfies

By Kelli Bender
Updated July 12, 2016 03:54 PM

Just one quick look in this despondent polar bear’s eyes tells you he is deeply unhappy.

This innocent animal is trapped in a tiny enclosure, at the Grandview Aquarium, which is located at a shopping center in Guangzhou, China, reports International Business Times. Day after day, the arctic mammal dejectedly lays on the ground, while visitors tap on the glass surrounding his exhibit and take selfies with the bear.

Following the death of an Argentinian zoo polar bear, who was kept in smoldering hot conditions, this animal is now considered “The Saddest Polar Bear in the World.” Several other animals, including belugas, wolves and otters are also kept in the aquarium, living in exhibits that lack enrichment and space, and are full of feces and bugs.

“Taking animals from their natural environments can never be defended, but when they’re rehomed in conditions like we’re seeing at the Grandview Aquarium it’s the worst possible situation,” Animals Asia‘s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neal said in a statement. “While those behind this may claim this as education, it’s clear the motivation here is bottom line profit. As long as businesses are allowed to use animals in this manner, wealth will always be put ahead of welfare.”

Thousands of animal lovers agree with Neal’s sentiment, with over 150,000 people signing a petition to close down the aquarium and move the animals. You can find the petition here.