April 28, 2010 05:45 PM

The complexity. The depth. It reminded him of passion. Winx’s favorite vintage is a super-premium, deep blend, and he only had to sniff it to know he was dealing with the best.

But it’s not just wine that 3-year-old Winx is interested in. His owner Amanda Zdrodowski tells PEOPLEPets.com that he likes to be involved with everything.

“As soon as you go into the kitchen, he races onto the countertop to inspect what you’re going to do,” Zdrodowski says. “He thinks he can do anything!”

Winx, a domestic shorthair, was adopted along with his brother, Jinx. As a kitten, he was born with a flap of skin around his eye, skin that had to be removed when he was only 16 weeks old.

“After the surgery and the many trips to the vet for check-ups, Winx has emerged as the one who’s not afraid of anything,” Zdrodowski says. “His youthful trauma has made him into a brave little bear.”

That’s what Winx might call bold –just like his favorite wines!

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