October 28, 2009 05:23 PM

These three pups might look like they were getting into some sad 1-year-old’s birthday cake, but worry not – the pretty confection was intended for them (slobber-snarf-nom-thwap-lick-mmm-slurp!). Veruca, Linus and Yum Yum, English bulldog triplets, celebrated their first birthday in July with owners Donna (fancygirl) and Gene Baxter, and from the looks of it, had a fabulous time at their big birthday soiree.

Each dog reacted differently to the party … well, mostly to the cake. “Veruca, being always contrary, would not even look at her cake until we removed her bow,” Baxter says. “Linus, being a walrus in puppy clothing, was first to attack the cake, and Yum Yum, being in possession of the best manners, simply ate whatever fell off of the cake plate.”

Baxter, a fashion designer, and her husband, Gene, a radio personality on the Los Angeles program The Kevin and Bean Show, have a small rescue farm on which they care for dogs, cows, pigs, sheep and a donkey, “all saved from the food chain.” The newest members of the family, the bulldog “bear cubs,” love to eat, and they maximize their mischievous puppy natures. Veruca, “part monkey,” likes to climb into the mom’s fashion closet and eat the runway shoes. Yum Yum, on the other hand, is “the thinker,” “the little man with the hat and the briefcase.”

The animals help keep the Baxters happy and grounded, and they wouldn’t trade it for anything, she says…except perhaps a better location for next year’s party.

“In retrospect, triplet ‘bear cubs’ and cake are not an ideal match for fancy living room furniture. We ended up sitting on frosting globs for weeks to come,” Baxter says. Still, “the cubs had a great birthday and lay asleep in a sugar coma for the rest of the week. It was heaven.”

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