May 04, 2011 07:00 PM

When James Terry and his wife were organizing their basement bar in advance of a 2007 holiday party they were hosting, the couple got a little assistance from an aspiring bartender – their Maine Coon cat, Tabasco.

“We had different bottles of alcohol on the bar, and I think we were sorting through them to see what we were going to put out for friends,” Terry says. “[Tabasco] got up there and started nosing around the bottles.”

The moment later became the family’s New Year’s Eve card, with Tabasco having “accommodated us with the pose,” Terry says. “We were able to capture it while he was still up there.”

Now 8 years old, Tabasco still has the run of the house, climbing on everything from kitchen cabinets to basement windowsills, and that’s just the way the Terrys like it.

“He’s just a curious cat, except that he has the ability to reach some places that our other cats can’t,” says Terry, who is also dad to ragdoll cats Dolly and Rex. “He’s very lovable.”

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