Rescue Chihuahua is a fixture at her mom’s bridal boutique

May 05, 2010 05:55 PM

When prospective brides walk through the doors of Gina’s Bridal Boutique in Milford, Mich., they are often greeted by the resident gown consultant and bridal therapist, a Chihuahua mix named Stella.

Stella, a 14-year-old rescue, follows mom Gina Salaski to work most days of the week, and usually spends her days where she’s not supposed to –on top of the train of a gown displayed on the mannequin in the center of the salon.

“That’s where she likes to be, right in the middle of the action,” Salaski tells “She’s constantly getting shoo’d off that spot, but she likes the big trains.”

Salaski guesses that Stella may be the only bridal boutique dog in all of Michigan, and her presence has definitely given her shop a reputation. Clients will refer friends to Salaski’s store by telling them about the dog.

“Stella is really calming when the girls are having nerves or anxiety about wedding planning,” Salaski says. “She’ll sit on their laps, their mom’s laps. Whoever is in need of emotional support, she can just sense that.”

The mellow pooch, an only child, mostly stays out of trouble, though she can occasionally be found secreting her way back to the section of dresses with lots of tulle (she likes to rub her back along the material).

Honey, say yes to the dress. Stella knows this is the one.

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