October 06, 2010 05:51 PM

When this tiny Chihuahua-miniature pinscher mix came home to Jessica Westbrook, she didn’t have a name. Luckily, the pup was alert enough to give her new owner a suggestion. She climbed into a cocktail glass, “sat there for a couple of minutes looking at us, and then she jumped out.”

Voila. Westbrook’s light bulb moment turned into a moniker for her petite pooch – Martini! It worked out perfectly. “We call her ‘Tini, because she’s still 4 lbs,” Westbrook says.

Now 4 years old, Martini has developed a sizeable personality. She grew up with two big dogs, a Siberian husky and a black Lab, so she now thinks she’s a big dog herself.

“She goes up to Great Danes,” Westbrook says. “She tries to run with the big dogs, and if anybody tries to get her toys, she goes off on them – no matter how big the dog is.”

Martini also inspires a lot of love from Westbrook, who after four years, still loves to come home to her tiny ‘Tini.

“She gets super excited and has this little whimper,” Westbrook syas. “It just warms my heart every time.”

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