When she isn’t sleeping, this 9-year-old bloodhound hangs out in the backyard fountain

By Helin Jung
Updated January 13, 2010 07:00 PM

Princess, you’re not on vacation anymore! Donna Carter’s 9-year-old bloodhound was just aching for a bit of that warm Florida weather (Okay, just warmer than New Jersey) when she stepped onto Carter’s backyard fountain.

“She thought this was her pool!” says Carter who vacations in the Sunshine State with her pet. “She was in the pool on a daily basis in Florida, so when she saw our water fountain, she thought she should get in it.”

Hm, maybe she thought she was dreaming: The pooch sleeps 23 hours a day, according to her owner. Only an hour to eat and go outside and hang out in the pool/fountain? Princess must be pressed for time!

When she does have a moment to spare, the only pet likes to chase the shadows of leaves falling off trees, or to pretend she is still a puppy, taking tissues out of the garbage to shred. Otherwise, you can find Princess fast asleep on mom’s deck chair – Carter doesn’t call her “sleeping beauty” for nothing!

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