January 05, 2011 08:30 PM

Make sure the money’s out of your pockets – whatever Mickey finds, Mickey keeps.

This pretty 2-year-old tabby is on the dryer because he loves doing laundry. Everything about it is intoxicating – the dryer is cozy and warm (perfect for hanging out), and the clothes baskets are fascinating places of discovery.

“I was wanting to do my laundry one day, but Mickey kept asking me to play with him, so I picked him up and put him on top of the machines,” says owner Veronica Feldman. “He snoops around and wants to smell everything, and look in it, and get in it and do it. I tell him that he’s helping me with the laundry.”

While “Momma” does the heavy lifting, Mickey keeps her company by chatting away about the fabric softener and the bleach. And when it isn’t laundry day at the Feldman house, Mickey still finds his way over to his favorite spot. Even when the door is closed, Feldman hears Mickey trying to scratch his way in.

“He’s just the funniest little cat,” Feldman says. “He’s got a lot of character.”

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