December 15, 2010 08:30 PM

For her puppy’s first Christmas, Julia Rhody and her family decided to get the dog a nice bone, one made entirely out of peanut butter. They wrapped it in Christmas paper and put it under the tree. One afternoon, they came home to find Megan, a pile of paper and no more peanut butter bone.

“She had unwrapped the whole thing,” Rhody says. “Ever since then, she has to open all of her gifts on Christmas.”

The second year, the Maltese-Shih Tzu mix had to be shown how to properly unwrap a present –by pulling at all the parts where there’s tape. Now 14, Megan has had many occasions to practice, and, – using her paws and teeth – can “delicately” and strategically tear apart the wrapping paper to reveal her gifts.

“We can’t put her gifts under the tree anymore, because she will open them,” Rhody says, but well-behaved Megan won’t open the presents for other family members. “You could put a plate full of food sitting on the floor and she wouldn’t go after it unless you told her she could.”

This year’s gifts have yet to be revealed to Megan, but there’s a good chance Santa is bringing this good dog a treat, a toy, and maybe even a new bed.

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