September 16, 2009 08:00 PM

This talented 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Max is ready to apply some much-needed powder to someone’s face with his blush-brush! Well, not exactly.

“After having just been reprimanded for taking things that do not belong to him, Max jumps onto the cocktail table and grabs the beat-up blush brush,” says Max’s owner, Meilani Desai (meilani19). “In the photo, he’s trying to figure out how to get back safely on the ground with treasure.”

This crafty canine is always looking for the next addition to his pirate’s booty. “He has a fetish for makeup brushes. He loves to sit on the bathroom countertop to watch me put my makeup on,” explains Desai. “I think it’s just to take an inventory of what he can get next.”

Desai has devised a plan to keep this make-up monster at bay. “I keep my make-up goods on the bottom drawer in the bathroom,” she says. “I’ve caught Max many times nosing around in it. If you ask me, he’s after my Body Shop Brand Brushes. They’re pretty!”

Clicky pens, toothbrushes, wooden honey stirrers, wooden spatulas, and pastry brushes are just some of the other items Max makes off with on a regular basis. “When he gets a hold of any of these fallen objects,” she says. “He plays chase!”

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