This Boston terrier is not only a sweetheart, she’s loaded with comedic gifts

By People Staff
October 21, 2010 02:13 PM

This is Lily. It’s hard to recognize her, though. At the moment, she’s in her Billy-Bob phase, sporting a frightening set of buck teeth.

The 4-year-old Boston terrier knows how to be someone else, and has quite a bit of training in dress-up. For most of her life, from 9 to 5 every day, Lily has worked as the store greeter at the Party Magic store in Branson, Mo.

“She’s really good at going up to customers and saying hello,” Miko McFarland tells “We have customers that return not to shop, but to see Lily.”

One of the perks of working at Party Magic is that Lily has had her pick of the costumes in the store. Last year, for Halloween, she went trick-or-treating as a Ninja Turtle, and she has also gone out dressed as a skunk, a deviled egg, a clown and a Mardi Gras reveler.

Not only is she a gregarious and personable pooch, Lily is known for her “incredible sense of humor” and her “crazy dog impersonation,” McFarland says. “We call her our little comedian. We’re always laughing at her antics.”

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