Call of the wild! Bowser’s ferocious feline instincts kick in at his Saint John, Neb., home

By Amy Jamieson
Updated August 26, 2009 07:17 PM

It was like a scene from a National Geographic wildlife film (well, sort of): Bowser the cat spotted a leggy giraffe galloping (not moving at all) through his owner’s bedroom, and that’s when his fierce animal instincts kicked in! “Bowser tried to eat him,” says the cat’s owner Jessie Martin (CrazyCatLady22). “He sniffed it, and once he decided it wasn’t going to bite back, he thought he’d give it a taste.”

The home decor must appear quite delicious to kitty. “I saw the giraffe again recently and had a good laugh picturing Bowser with straw stuck in his teeth after trying to eat him,” says Martin.

The 3-year-old’s ferocious behavior surfaces frequently at home in Saint John, Neb. – especially when Martin is crocheting. “I’m crocheting along and there will be a nice wet spot on the yarn because someone’s been chewing on it,” she says. “Or I’m crocheting along and … there’s no yarn anymore. All of my projects are 95 percent yarn and 5 percent cat fur and saliva.”

Bowser brocades aside, Martin says this curious kitty keeps her laughing. “My boyfriend got a guitar yesterday and when the guitar is out of the case, Bowser is in the case. He thinks it’s a new bed,” she says. “It’s all about Bowser.”

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