Animal D'Oh! Kitten Thinks Measuring Cups Are for Sleeping

Chillie the cat loves her "bed" made out of glass

This kitten is so fluffy, she doesn’t need a cushion when she sleeps.

Chillie, who once used to be this teeny, loved to sleep inside of owner Katie Barnwell’s 4-cup measuring cup.

“I don’t know how this started,” Barnwell tells “I would just find her there, and she would be out. Not under the chair or anywhere else, but in a measuring cup.”

The kitten, who used to be the size of Barnwell’s palm, would curl up in the bottom of the cup, which Barnwell would leave by the patio door for Chillie’s convenience. She continued to sleep in the measuring cup for months, because she stayed small for “a long time,” Barnwell says.

Now 3 years old and “huge,” Chillie no longer fits inside her once-favorite sleeping spot, but the cup has found another use – back in Barnwell’s kitchen!

“I still use it,” she says. “After putting it in the dishwasher a lot, I’m using it again.”

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