This pug from New Orleans liked to party

By People Staff
Updated March 30, 2011 09:00 PM

Bartender, another round?

Angel Face, a pug from New Orleans, lived a long life of 14 years and loved to party. “One of the things we do often is sit out on our front stoop with our cocktails and meet our neighbors,” says David Morris. Angel always knew where she needed to be to get in on the social action.

With her brother Igor on one side of the brick stoop, Angel would sit on the other side and greet passing tourists and say hello to her people friends. “They liked to party,” Morris says.

And while she looked like she was inebriated, she wasn’t, really. Angel’s tongue was too long for her snout and would always hang out, even when she was a puppy.

“The end of it sort of got tan from the sun,” Morris says.

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