May 12, 2010 06:09 PM

There is so much going on in Stella Marie’s brain right now … Or is there?

This philosophical-looking Italian greyhound may pose just like Rodin’s famous statue, The Thinker, but she’s actually doing something much less interesting. She’s biting her nails.

She might be able to blame it on all the intellectual activity in her brain – it’s nerve-wracking having to think so much – but mostly she wants to file down those fast-growing tips.

Six-year-old Stella Marie lives with her owner Dan Flynn, a New Orleans paramedic, and her sister, an Italian greyhound named Zoe.

“She sleeps in the bed under the covers, and you will usually find her sleeping on her back with all fours sticking up,” Flynn tells

When not giving herself a manicure or making a tent under the sheets, the prissy “prima donna” can be found in her momma’s lap.

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