An Australian shepherd named Abby wanted attention, so she crawled into her big brother’s favorite toy

By Amy Jamieson
October 21, 2009 04:45 PM

When people want attention, they do jazz hands. Puppies like this 3-lb. miniature Australian shepherd? They just do funny things! “Abby seemed to decide the toy was getting too much attention from her new brother Deuce,” says owner Sue Neal (anothersue) of the pup who was just 7 weeks old in this photo. “So while Deuce was napping, she wiggled into it.”

Luckily, help was not far away. “I didn’t realize what she had done until she came hopping up, whining because she was stuck!” says Neal. “I got her unstuck and Deuce reclaimed his toy. Abby still loves to steal the toy, but no longer can get half of herself into it!”

This wasn’t the last time the precocious pooch, a miniature Australian shepherd, wiggled her way into a whole heap of trouble. And, sometimes brother Deuce, a playful Boston terrier, is her partner in crime.

“Probably her best ‘trouble-maker’ venture was TP-ing our motor home,” Neal recalls. “Apparently two large rolls of toilet paper had fallen off a shelf during the trip and Abby had found them. She – with Deuce’s help, no doubt – had shredded both and scattered it everywhere! It looked like it had snowed inside!”

A “happy, active clown,” Abby likes to play 24/7, especially on walks. Because of her breed “she has a strong herding instinct,” says Neal. “And she tries to herd everything and everyone.”

Including big brother Deuce. “She gets right next to him and grabs his leash in her teeth,” Neal says. “She then takes off running and leads him around.” Way to steal the show, Abby!

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