July 15, 2009 06:26 PM

Help! Two very hungry pillows are eating Lexie the Yorkshire terrier for lunch. But, thankfully, this little nosh doesn’t seem to hurt!

The 11-year-old pooch’s owner, Kathy Moore (4yorkiegirls) of Voorhees, N.J., says you can often find the pint-sized pup snoozing on these pillows on her bed, “but on this particular day she decided to go behind the pillows.” After Kathy continuously called out her name, “she finally stuck her head out from behind the pillows and I ran for the camera because she made me laugh hysterically,” says Moore.

Turns out Lexie is a “little spitfire,” just as her cute little smirk suggests. “She is a 50-lb. dog trapped in a 3.12-oz. body,” Moore says. “And very courageous – she has gotten through a lot of illness in her 11-1/2 years, but you would never know there was anything wrong with her.”

Moore and her family’s nickname for Lexie is Rattlesnake because of the noises she makes when she’s attacking her sisters (Sabrina, Ashley and Chloe). “She is in control of our house. What Lexie wants, Lexie gets,” she explains.

Including awards. Moore reports that Lexie has won the kissing contest at Woofstock, an annual event held for the local animal orphanage. You’re definitely a cutie, Lexie – mwah!

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